Hadoop: What You Need to Know

Hadoop Basics for the Enterprise Decision Maker

Hadoop: What You Need to Know

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Hadoop has revolutionized data processing and enterprise data warehousing, but its explosive growth has come with a large amount of uncertainty, hype, and confusion. With this report, enterprise decision makers will receive a concise crash course on what Hadoop is and why it’s important.

Hadoop represents a major shift from traditional enterprise data warehousing and data analytics, and its technology can be daunting at first. Donald Miner, founder of the data science firm Miner & Kasch, covers just enough ground so you can make intelligent decisions about Hadoop in your enterprise.

By the end of this report, you’ll know the basics of technologies such as HDFS, MapReduce, and YARN, without becoming mired in the details. Not only will you learn the basics of how Hadoop works and why it’s such an important technology, you’ll get examples of how you should probably be using it.

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Donald Miner

Donald Miner

Donald Miner is an avid user of Apache Hadoop and a practitioner of data science. He serves as Chief Technology Officer at ClearEdge IT Solutions, a company that provides Big Data professional services. He is author of the O'Reilly book MapReduce Design Patterns, which is based on his experiences as a MapReduce developer. Donald has architected and implemented a number of mission-critical and large-scale Hadoop systems within the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 companies. He received his PhD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Computer Science, where he focused on Machine Learning and Multi-Agent Systems. He lives in Maryland with his wife and two young sons.
Twitter: @donaldpminer