The Security Data Lake

Leveraging Big Data Technologies to Build a Common Data Repository for Security

The Security Data Lake

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Companies of all sizes are considering data lakes as a way to deal with terabytes of security data that can help them conduct forensic investigations and serve as an early indicator to identify bad or relevant behavior. Many think about replacing their existing SIEM (security information and event management) systems with Hadoop running on commodity hardware.

Before your company jumps into the deep end, you first need to weigh several critical factors. This O’Reilly report takes you through technological and design options for implementing a data lake. Each option not only supports your data analytics use cases, but is also accessible by processes, workflows, third-party tools, and teams across your organization.

Within this report, you’ll explore:

  • Five questions to ask before choosing architecture for your backend data store
  • How data lakes can overcome scalability and data duplication issues
  • Different options for storing context and unstructured log data
  • Data access use cases covering both search and analytical queries via SQL
  • Processes necessary for ingesting data into a data lake, including parsing, enrichment, and aggregation
  • Four methods for embedding your SIEM into a data lake

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Raffael Marty

Raffael Marty

Raffael Marty is one of the world's most recognized authorities on security data analytics and visualization. Raffy is the founder and CEO of pixlcloud, a next generation visual analytics platform. With a track record at companies including IBM Research and ArcSight, he is thoroughly familiar with established practices and emerging trends in big data analytics. He has served as Chief Security Strategist with Splunk and was a co-founder of Loggly, a cloud-based log management solution. Author of Applied Security Visualization and frequent speaker at academic and industry events, Raffy is a leading thinker and advocate of visualization for unlocking data insights. For more than 14 years, Raffy has worked in the security and log management space to help Fortune 500 companies defend themselves against sophisticated adversaries and has trained organizations around the world in the art of data visualization for security. Zen meditation has become an important part of Raffy's life, sometimes leading to insights not in data but in life.