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Topics covered are on my critical path… enormous value.
— Jack Park, Cognitive Systems Developer
It is a very interesting box stuffed with a lot of extremely good articles that brings us ideas, thoughts, paths.
— Gianluca Pignalberi
It’s super concise, informative, inspiring. The newsletter always leaves me wanting to do more in my practice, thinking a different way, wondering about something I haven’t before. It reminds me to dream a little.
— Sanjit Bakshi, Art Director
Relevant info that I can eventually apply in my day to day job.
— Jan Moons, Co-Founder UXprobe
I like feeling like I am in the flow of what is new in the world of design. It’s helpful to see what everyone else is excited about.
— Courtney Hoskins, Developer
Love the tips and the technology… always on the cutting edge!
— Briana Sullivan, Research Scientist UNH
Love the way you show the latest designs and give quotes from the designers that give insight into their philosophy behind their design choices.
— Ginny Wagner, Supervisor
Nice range of topics, comprehensive and varied set of articles. I like that the content linked to is in-depth… I am really learning something, vs. just being lightly exposed to a new buzzword or concept.
— Sarah Flamion, User Experience Research Lead
I use it as a springboard to further research to learn the things that I do not know.
— Henry Terry, Attorney
Really alluring article titles like ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ and ‘Designing the Enchanted Future.’ These really appeal to my imagination; there’s so much business and productivity speak around design at the mo, I find this quite refreshing.
— Sam McLeod, experience designer