O'Reilly's Mac Slocum speaks with Scout Brody, Executive Director at Simply Secure. They discuss:

How an interest in the intersection of society and technology moved her into security. (00:04)

Brody asks: "If we aren't building systems that are meeting the needs for the humans, why are we building systems at all?" (01:02)

Why security developers need to get outside of the security bubble. (01:48)

Talk to the users—that's the first step security developers need to take if they want to build effective security tools. Even an informal paper prototype can do the trick, she notes. (02:58)

Don't build in the dark: Every product that's shipped should include a user study component. (08:12)

The Internet of Things magnifies our security problems "to an astonishing degree." (10:49)

The people and projects she's following. (13:11)

Article image: Montage of faces (source: geralt via Pixabay).