Four short links
Four short links
  1. Longevity FAQ (Laura Deming) -- I run Longevity Fund. I spend a lot of time thinking about what could increase healthy human lifespan. This is my overview of the field for beginners.
  2. Intimate Partner Violence -- What we’ve discovered in our research is that digital abuse of intimate partners is both more mundane and more complicated than we might think. [...] [I]ntimate partner violence upends the way we typically think about how to protect digital privacy and security. You should read this because we all need to get a lot more aware of the ways in which the tools we make might be used to hurt others.
  3. The Secret Sharer -- Machine learning models based on neural networks and deep learning are being rapidly adopted for many purposes. What those models learn, and what they may share, is a significant concern when the training data may contain secrets and the models are public—e.g., when a model helps users compose text messages using models trained on all users’ messages. [...] [W]e show that unintended memorization occurs early, is not due to overfitting, and is a persistent issue across different types of models, hyperparameters, and training strategies.
  4. Gaydar and the Fallacy of Objective Measurement -- By taking gaydar into the lab, these research teams have taken the creative adaptation of an oppressed community of atomized members and turned gaydar into an essentialist story of “gender atypicality,” a topic that is related to, but distinctly different from, sexual orientation.
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