Four short links
Four short links
  1. Depth Index -- A JavaScript package that turns z-index into physically realistic depth, using PoseNet face tracking. Deep, man.
  2. Data Cleaner's Cookbook -- This is version 1 of a cookbook that will help you check whether a data table (defined on the data tables page) is properly structured and free from formatting errors, inconsistencies, duplicates, and other data headaches. All the data-auditing and data-cleaning recipes on this website use GNU/Linux tools in a BASH shell and work on plain text files.
  3. Should We Treat Data as Labor? Moving Beyond "Free" -- In this paper, we explore whether and how treating the market for data like a labor market could serve as a radical market that is practical in the near term.
  4. Underactuated Robotics -- working notes used for a course being taught at MIT [on] Algorithms for Walking, Running, Swimming, Flying, and Manipulation. Even if you don't care about robotics, read this excellent Hacker News comment (words I don't say often) and you'll think about walking completely differently.
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