Four short links
Four short links
  1. Developing a Continuous Feedback Loop -- short preso on how to get and manage a lot of feedback from customers.
  2. Google's Medical AI -- some details of studies and ambitions in the space. This quote is provocative: "They’ve finally found a new application for AI that has commercial promise."
  3. DensePose -- Facebook open sourced our real-time approach for mapping all human pixels of 2D RGB images to a 3D surface-based model of the body. See discussion.
  4. Debugging with Intelligence via Probabilistic Inference (Paper a Day) -- Xu et al., have built an automated debugger that can take a single failing test execution, and with minimal interaction from a human, pinpoint the root cause of the failure. What I find really exciting about it is that instead of brute force, there’s a certain encoded intelligence in the way the analysis is undertaken that feels very natural. The first IDE / editor to integrate a tool like this wins!
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