Four short links.
Four short links.
  1. Dan Lyon's Talk on the Startup Bubble -- "it was like a cross between a frat house, a Montessouri kindergarten, and a Scientology cult."
  2. History Tables -- Somebody recently asked on a forum I frequent what’s a way to get a history of the changes a user has made to their account. [...] The automatic ways are not there yet, so you have to think about this from the get go. So, it has to be a conscious design decision, rather than piggybacking on this or that low-level feature.
  3. Bento Lab -- the first complete DNA laboratory, suitable for a beginner to a professional. It comes with a PCR thermocycler, a centrifuge, and a gel electrophoresis box and power supply with blue LED transillumination—all controlled by an intuitive interface. And with an A4 footprint that fits into any laptop-sized bag.
  4. Interface -- nice sans font available on GitHub under an open license.
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