Four short links
Four short links
  1. Simplify -- A Chrome extension that brings the simplicity of Google Inbox to Gmail. (via FastCompany)
  2. WatchMe -- WatchMe can watch for changes to an entire page, or a specific section of it. It's appropriate for research use cases where you want to track changes in one or more pages over time. WatchMe also comes with psutils [Python system and process utilities] (system tasks) built in to allow for monitoring of system resources. Importantly, it is a tool that implements reproducible monitoring, as all your watches are stored in a configuration file that can easily be shared with others to reproduce your watching protocol.
  3. PySnooper -- instead of carefully crafting the right print lines, you just add one decorator line to the function you're interested in. You'll get a play-by-play log of your function, including which lines ran and when, and exactly when local variables were changed.
  4. Need for Sleep -- we found that a single night of sleep deprivation leads to a reduction of 50% in the quality of the implementations. There is notable evidence that the developers’ engagement and their prowess to apply TFD [test-first development] are negatively impacted. Our results also show that sleep-deprived developers make more fixes to syntactic mistakes in the source code.
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