Four short links
Four short links
  1. git-absorb -- git commit --fixup, but automatic.
  2. Coding the Matrix -- linear algebra was where math broke me at university, so my eyes are always drawn to presentations of the subject that promise relevance and comprehensibility. (via Academic Torrents)
  3. A List of Useful Steganography Tools and Resources -- what it says on the box.
  4. Analyzing the Performance of WebAssembly vs. Native Code -- Across the SPEC CPU suite of benchmarks, we find a substantial performance gap: applications compiled to WebAssembly run slower by an average of 50% (Firefox) to 89% (Chrome), with peak slowdowns of 2.6x (Firefox) and 3.14x (Chrome). We identify the causes of this performance degradation, some of which are due to missing optimizations and code generation issues, while others are inherent to the WebAssembly platform.
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