Four short links
Four short links
  1. CSS Quirks, Oddities, and Advanced Tips -- you had me at "padding-top: 50%" padding the top by 50% ... of the width. A post made of solid gold WTF.
  2. Automatic Machine Knitting of 3D Meshes -- We present the first computational approach that can transform 3D meshes, created by traditional modeling programs, directly into instructions for a computer-controlled knitting machine.
  3. Oculus Rift Headsets Stop Working Due to an Expired Certificate -- today in "hardware is hard, connected hardware doubly so."
  4. Gratitude for Invisible Systems (Deb Chachra) -- Our daily lives take place in a network of technological, socio-technical, and social systems that we barely notice, except when things go wrong. [...] I see these technological systems as one of the main ways that we take care of each other at scale. It’s how Americans care for all 300 million of our neighbors, rich or poor, spread over four million square miles, embedded in global supply chains.
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