Four short links
Four short links
  1. How Many Computers Are In Your Computer? -- So, a desktop or smartphone can reasonably be expected to have anywhere from 15 to several thousand computers in the sense of a Turing-complete device which can be programmed and which is computationally powerful enough to run many programs from throughout computing history and which can be exploited by an adversary for surveillance, exfiltration, or attacks against the rest of the system. Which is why security folks sometimes sleep poorly at night.
  2. Some Notes on Running New Software in Production (Julia Evans) -- The playbook for understanding the software you run in production is pretty simple. Here it is: (1) Start using it in production in a non-critical capacity (by sending a small percentage of traffic to it, on a less critical service, etc); (2) Let that bake for a few weeks. (3) Run into problems. (4) Fix the problems. Go to step 3.
  3. Unix History (Rob Pike) -- know your past.
  4. Omi -- Tencent's ext generation web framework in 4KB JavaScript (Web Components + JSX + Proxy + Store + Path Updating).
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