Networking attendees
Networking attendees

Experts from across the software architecture world are coming together in San Jose for the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference. Below you'll find links to highlights from the event.

Security and deception: Lessons from a professional liar

Michael Carducci takes an entertaining look at why humans are so easy to fool, and he explores what we can do to overcome our weaknesses and build more secure software.

Cultivate your personal design heuristics

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock explores how you can grow as a designer by becoming conscious of your heuristics.

Architect as storyteller

Nathaniel Schutta explains why an architect’s job is to be a storyteller.

Next Architecture

Chris Guzikowski discusses the convergence of microservices, cloud, containers, and orchestration that points toward the rise of a Next Architecture.

Choices of scale

Michael Feathers explores various scaling strategies in light of research about human cognition and systems cohesion.

Prioritizing technical debt as if time and money mattered

Adam Tornhill offers a new perspective on software development that will change how you view code.

From the trenches with Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons shares the story of her career path and her work as an architect.

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