The Linking Open Data cloud diagram.
The Linking Open Data cloud diagram. (source: Andrejs Abele, John P. McCrae, Paul Buitelaar, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak)

In this episode of the O’Reilly Programming Podcast, I talk with Jason Hibbets, senior community evangelist in corporate marketing at Red Hat, where he is a community manager for We discuss how the open source model can be applied to other disciplines beyond technology, especially in the area of open government.

Discussion points:

  • Hibbets describes as an open source storytelling platform and discusses some of the stories published there, including coverage of an open high school in Utah and brain cancer patients who advocate for the sharing of health data.
  • His book, The Foundation for an Open Source City, covers the experience in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he has been active in numerous civic hacking projects.
  • The characteristics of an open source city, according to Hibbets, include a culture of citizen participation, an effective open government policy, and an open data initiative.
  • Hibbets cites as a successful example of civic hacking the "Adopt-a" programs ("a bug tracking tool for city infrastructure"), which started in Boston and have since expanded to other cities.
  • How programmers can get involved in civic hacking through the Code for America Brigade program and other means.

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