Scanning Webb’s Surrogate Eye
Scanning Webb’s Surrogate Eye (source: NASA via Flickr)

This episode of the Hardware Podcast features my second discussion with Joe Biron, VP of IoT technology at ThingWorx, a PTC business that offers a platform for rapid deployment of Internet of Things applications.

Discussion points:

  • How IoT platforms provide the functionality that enables advanced capabilities for IoT products
  • The common architecture of properties, services, and events
  • How to future-proof an embedded application
  • Platforms for industrial versus consumer devices
  • The potential for products that can update their own behavior
  • Embracing—or avoiding—smartphone creep, in which functions once performed by specialized hardware are taken over by a phone

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Also, watch Joe Biron’s webcast “Building Internet of Things Apps with Superpowers

This podcast episode is a collaboration between O’Reilly and ThingWorx, a PTC business. See our statement of editorial independence.