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AI and machine learning

Intermediate Natural Language Processing (NLP), January 10

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning, January 10

Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Analytics, January 13-14

Building Machine Learning Models with AWS Sagemaker, January 28

Deep Reinforcement Learning: Complete Artificial Intelligence Series, January 28

Machine Learning from Scratch, January 29

Robotic Process Automation: The Promise, the Patterns, and the Pitfalls, February 5

Hands-On Deep Neural Networks with PyTorch, February 6

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Everyone, February 10

Machine Learning for Business Analytics: A Deep Dive into Data with Python, February 12

Artificial Intelligence: Real-world Applications, February 18

Hands-on Machine Learning with Python: Classification and Regression, February 20

Deploying Machine Learning Models to Production: A Toolkit for Real-world Success, February 20-21

Hands-on Machine Learning with Python: Clustering, Dimension Reduction, and Time Series Analysis, February 21


Facebook Libra, February 28


Quantitative Trading with Python, January 10

Fundamentals of Cognitive Biases, January 10

Fundamentals of Learning: Learn Faster and Better Using Neuroscience, January 14

90 Minutes to Better User Stories and Backlog Management, January 15

Having Difficult Conversations, January 16

Meet the Expert: Tim O’Reilly, January 22

90 Minutes to Better Decision-making, January 27

Product Management in 90 minutes, January 28

Performance Goals for Growth, January 28

Introduction to Kanban, January 28

Getting S.M.A.R.T. About Goals, January 29

90 Minutes to Better Sprint Retrospectives, January 30

Understanding Business Strategy, January 31

Product Management for Enterprise Software, February 3

60 Minutes to a Better Daily Scrum, February 3

90 Minutes to Onboard Yourself in a Technical Role, February 5

Better Business Writing, February 6

How to Give Great Presentations, February 6

Metrics for Agile Teams, February 7

Building the Skills to Succeed as a Remote Worker in 90 Minutes, February 10

Your First 30 Days as a Manager, February 10

Salary Negotiation Fundamentals, February 12

60 Minutes to Better Product Metrics, February 12

Fundamentals of Learning, February 13

Introduction to Strategic Thinking Skills, February 14

Managing a Toxic Work Environment, February 17

Managing Your Manager, February 17

Applying Critical Thinking, February 18

Building Your LinkedIn Network, February 19

60 Minutes to Designing a Better PowerPoint Slide, February 20

Managing Stress, February 20

PMP Crash Course, February 20-21

Clean Agile, February 24

Data science and data tools

Interactive Visualization Approaches in Jupyter Notebooks, January 22

Intermediate SQL for Data Analysis, January 23

Beginning Linux Command Line for Data Engineers and Analysts: Effective Data Pipelines, January 23

Fraud Analytics Using Python, January 24

Foundational Python for Data Science, January 28

Programming with Data: Foundations of Python and Pandas, January 28

Intermediate Linux Command Line for Data Engineers and Analysts: Effective Data Pipelines, January 29

Linear Algebra with Python: Essential Math for Data Science, February 5

Python-powered Spreadsheets Beyond the Basics, February 5

Data Engineering for Data Scientists, February 6

Enterprise Data Visualization, February 11

Intro to Mathematical Optimization, February 12

Hands-on Introduction to Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka Programming: Effective Data Pipelines, February 12-13

Visualization and Presentation of Data, February 13

Introduction to Statistics for Data Analysis with Python, February 14

Linear Regression with Python: Essential Math for Data Science, February 19

Stream Processing with Apache Spark, February 21

Graphs and Network Algorithms for Everyone, February 28


Serverless Java with Quarkus, January 15

Programming with Java Lambdas and Streams, January 22

Creating React Applications with GraphQL, January 23

Building Web Apps with Vue.js, January 27

Writing Cool Bash Shell Scripts in 3 Hours, January 27

SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented and Agile Design, January 27

Kotlin Fundamentals, January 28

Rust Programming: A Crash Course, January 29

Java Concurrency, January 29

Design Patterns in Java, January 29-30

Getting Started with Spring and Spring Boot, January 29-30

Basic Introduction for Quantum Computing, January 30

Full-Stack React: Build and Publish a Modern Web Application, February 3

Advanced Test-driven Development (TDD), February 3

Basic Android Development, February 3-4

Scala Fundamentals, February 4

Java Full Throttle with Paul Deitel: A One-Day, Code-Intensive Java Standard Edition, February 4

Structural Design Patterns with Spring, February 5

Java 8 Generics in 3 Hours, February 5

Getting Started with Java: From Core Concepts to Real Code in 4 Hours, February 6

Spring MVC Fundamentals, February 6

Practical Software Design from Problem to Solution, February 7

Advanced JavaScript, February 10

Core Java Synchronizers, February 10

Mathematics for Quantum Computing, February 10

Design Patterns Boot Camp II, February 11

Learning Regular Expressions, February 11

Python Full Throttle with Paul Deitel: A One-Day, Fast-Paced, Code-Intensive Python, February 11

Introduction to Python Programming, February 12

Introduction to Pandas: Data Munging with Python, February 12-13

Solving Java Memory Leaks, February 17

Getting Started with Pandas, February 18

Getting Started with Python 3, February 18-19

Mastering Pandas, February 19

Data Structures in Java, February 20

Mastering Python’s Pytest, February 20

Scalable Concurrency with the Java Executor Framework, February 24

Python Data Science Full Throttle with Paul Deitel: Introductory AI, Big Data, and Cloud Case Studies, February 25


Defensive Cybersecurity Fundamentals, January 23

CISSP Exam Preparation: Practicing the CISO Skill Set Using Case-based Learning, January 28-29

Introduction to Encryption, January 30

Introduction to Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), February 3

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Crash Course, February 3-4

Kubernetes Security, February 4

Google Cloud Platform Security Fundamentals, February 5

The Zero Trust Security Framework, February 5

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Crash Course, February 10-11

CISSP Exam Preparation: Deploying a Security Engineering Practice for the 8 Domains, February 12-13

Cyber Security Fundamentals, February 13-14

Getting Started with Cyber Investigations and Digital Forensics, February 17

IoT Security, February 18

Applied Cryptography with Python, February 21

Infrastructure and operations

Microservices with Spring Cloud, January 13

Web Refactoring into Testability, January 23

AWS Certified Developer Associate Crash Course, January 23-24

Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Crash Course, January 27-28

AWS Monitoring Strategies, January 27-28

Linux Troubleshooting: Advanced Linux Techniques, January 28

TCP/IP Fundamentals, January 28

Microservices Caching Strategies, January 29

Getting Started With Jenkins X, January 29

Containers A-Z, January 29-30

Getting Started with OpenShift, January 30

Practical Docker, January 30

System Design Fundamentals, January 30

Hands-on Introduction to OAuth 2.0, February 3

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services (AWS), February 3-4

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294 Crash Course: Red Hat Ansible, February 3-6

Software Architecture Foundations: Characteristics and Tradeoffs, February 4

Certified Solutions Architect Prep Course: Prepare for Exams AZ-30x, February 4

DevOps with Azure, Technical Essentials, February 4

IP Subnetting from Beginning to Mastery, February 4-5

Introducing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, February 5

Google Kubernetes Engine: Beyond the Basics, February 5-6

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Crash Course, February 6-7

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Crash Course, February 6-7

Introduction to Istio, February 10

Microservice Decomposition Patterns, February 10

Architecture for Continuous Delivery, February 10

Android Internals and Reverse Engineering, February 10

Linux Under the Hood, February 11

Azure Certified DevOps Engineer Crash Course, February 11

Maven: Taming the Beast, February 11

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technical Essentials, February 11

Take Terraform to the Next Level, February 12

Docker: Up and Running, February 12-13

Azure Administrator Certification (AZ-103) Crash Course, February 13

Introduction to Docker and Containers, February 13

Kubernetes in 4 Hours, February 13

Linux Performance Optimization, February 14

Software Architecture by Example, February 17

AWS Core Architecture Concepts, February 17-18

Getting Started with Cloud Computing, February 18

Azure Certified Security Engineer Crash Course, February 18

Terraform: Getting Started, February 18

Microservice Fundamentals, February 18

Developing Incremental Architecture, February 18-19

AWS Infrastructure Concepts and Deployment, February 18-19

Linux Fundamentals Bootcamp, February 18-19

Microservices Architecture and Design, February 19-20

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Crash Course, February 19-20

Linux Filesystem Administration, February 20-21

Resilience and Fast Reroute in Computer Networks: Tools and Techniques to Optimize Network Performance, February 21

Git Basics, February 24

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate) Crash Course, February 24-25

Kubernetes on AWS, February 25

9 Steps to Awesome with Kubernetes, February 25

Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architect Certification Crash Course, February 25-26

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Crash Course, Febraury 25-26

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Crash Course (RHEL 7), February 25-28

Git Collaboration, February 26

Istio on Kubernetes: Enter the Service Mesh, February 26

AWS Certified Security—Specialty Crash Course, February 26-27

Kubernetes Serverless with Knative, February 27

Hands-on Arista Networking Foundational Routing Topics, March 5

Article image: Student (source: Pixabay).