Blockchain, Kubernetes, and machine learning / artificial intelligence are ascendant areas that warrant your attention. In addition, open source remains a vital part of the technology landscape.

Roger Magoulas, vice president of Radar at O'Reilly, explored these and other findings from O'Reilly's learning platform at the 2018 O'Reilly OSCON Conference in Portland, Oregon. [1]

Highlights from Magoulas' presentation include:

Blockchain usage is up more than 450% on O'Reilly's learning platform from last year. "What's interesting about blockchain is that it's not only up, it's up a lot more than bitcoin," Magoulas said. "Our community is really thinking about it from a development standpoint." (04:45 and 08:45)

Kubernetes usage is up nearly 200% year over year. This points to a "Next Architecture hypothesis" driven by the rise of microservices and containers, Magoulas said. (08:45 and 09:40)

Interest on the learning platform in TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and reinforcement learning suggests machine learning / artificial intelligence is maturing as organizations commit to this area. (06:56)

Open source has a big presence on the learning platform. The 14 top search topics are open source technologies or open-source dominated. JavaScript, Java, and Python remain essential and Magoulas noted increased interest in Go, Kotlin, and Rust. (07:27)

The AWS / cloud technology space is well established, but Magoulas said "it's almost acting like an emerging technology" based on the usage data. "We think the cloud has a lot of legs." (07:49)

You can see all of Magoulas' findings in the video above. — Mac Slocum

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