Andy Altman, Why Not Associates
Andy Altmann and David Ellis are the brains of Why Not Associates,
a 15-year-old firm that has left its mark across a wide swath of projects
in the United Kingdom and beyond. Their unorthodox style of working,
their varied client list, and their experimentation in a variety of media
give their work a distinct—but never predictable—look. Their mono-
graph, Why Not, was published by Booth-Clibborn Editions.
Why Not Associates
22c Shepherdess Walk
London N1 7LB UK
t. 0207.253.2244
f. 0207.253.2299
Art Chantry, Art Chantry Design
Art Chantry began his life as a designer in the Seattle area, where
he worked with musicians and record labels in developing a signature
style for the grunge movement of the 1990s. He was art director of the
alternative weekly, The Rocket, and also developed a body of work for
Seattle independent record label, Sub Pop. He has recently relocated to
St. Louis, where he continues to work as a freelancer. His monograph
Some People Can’t Surf (2001) is available from Chronicle Press.
Art Chantry Design Co.
P. O. Box 63275
St. Louis, MO 63163 USA
t. 314.773.9421
f. 314.773.3295
Margo Chase, Chase Design Group
Margo Chase founded the Chase Design Group 15 years ago. Noted
early on for designing hundreds of logos and identities for clients such
as Madonna, Cher, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the company is now
equally well known for corporate identities, packaging and product
design, motion graphics, advertising, and interior design. Widely recog-
nized by many awards and accolades, Margo Chase was originally
trained to be a veterinarian.
Chase Design Group
2255 Bancroft Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA
t. 323.668.1055
f. 323.668.2470
Ed Fella
Ed Fella worked as a commercial designer for 30 years in Detroit
before he went back to school at age 48 to get his M.F.A. at
Cranbrook. He retired from Cal Arts after teaching there for 13 years.
He still participates in the graduate classes and continues to pursue his
“art practice.” His work is shown widely, and his book of photographs,
Edward Fella: Letters on America (2000), was published by Princeton
Architectural Press.
Ed Fella
California Institute of Arts
Valencia, CA 91355 USA
t. 661.255.1050 ext. 2621
f. 661.259.5871
John C Jay, Wieden+Kennedy, Tokyo
John C Jay is a partner of Wieden+Kennedy, which has offices in
New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Portland, Oregon, and is
also co-executive creative director for Wieden+Kennedy, Tokyo. Jay
previously served as executive vice president of marketing and creative
director for Bloomingdale’s in New York. Jay was chosen by American
Photographer magazine as one of the “80 Most Influential People in
Photography.” He received the Gold Medal at the Leipzig Bookfair in
1998 for the book, Soul of the Game. He has received multiple awards
for interior design, publication design, graphics, photography, short
film, packaging design, and advertising, including gold and silver
medals from the NY Art Directors Club and The One Show in New
York. Examples of Jay’s work have also appeared in a variety of
museum and gallery exhibitions including Museum of Modern Art,
New York (film and video); Victoria & Albert, London; Cooper-Hewitt
Museum, New York; the Pompidou Museum, Paris; The Field Museum,
Chicago; and International Center of Photography, New York.
Jay’s independent company, Studio J, has served as creative consultant
for the international marketing of Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2 and
worked with director Oliver Stone on the marketing of U-Turn. Jay has
served on the International Advisory Committee for the Wexner Center
for the Arts, is a founding member of the Board of Directors of P.I.C.A.
(Portland Institute of Contemporary Art), and a member of the Board for
Camp Caldera, a nonprofit art and ecology center in Oregon.
John C Jay
7-5-6 Roppongi Minatoku
Tokyo Japan 106-0032
t. 81.3.5771.2900
f. 81.3.5771.2712
Miles Murray Sorrell FUEL
Miles Murray Sorrell FUEL has existed as a design group since 1991,
when the principals were students at the Royal College of Art. Over
the last ten years, they have forged regular relationships with clients,
including Marc Jacobs, Levi’s, and MTV. Two books about Miles Murray
Sorrell FUEL are available: Pure FUEL (1996) by Booth-Clibborn Editions
and FUEL 3000 (2000) by Laurence King.
Miles Murray Sorrell FUEL
33 Fournier St.
London E1 6QE UK
t. 020.7377.2697
f. 020.7247.4697
Hideki Nakajima, Nakajima Design
Hideki Nakajima was born in Saitama, Japan. Educated in Tokyo, he
established Nakajima Design Inc., in 1995. He has won numerous
Japanese and international awards for his work. He was involved
with Cut magazine as a photographer and art director. His two books,
Revival and Nakajima Design 1995–2000, are available through
Rockin’ On.
Hideki Nakajima
Nakajima Design Inc.
Kaiho Building 4F, 4-11
Tokyo Japan 150-0032
t. 81.3.5489.1757
f. 81.3.5489.1758
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