100 JavaScript Algorithms Challenge

Video description

Technical interviews are the filter between good and great developers. At least, that is how industry sees it. In this video course, you will increase your problem-solving ability and speed with 100 JavaScript algorithms and sample questions. These questions are some of the most common ones asked in interviews in companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon.

The course begins by giving you an overview of what exactly is the 100 algorithms challenge and prepares you to get started. Next, you will cover 100 algorithms—such as adding two numbers, checking palindrome numbers, missing letters, sum of odd Fibonacci numbers, unique digit products, and many more algorithms—that will cover the basics and advanced JavaScript methods. Finally, you will go through a series of sample interview questions that will help you face your technical telephonic interview with confidence.

By the end of this video course, you will become familiar with 100 algorithms and will have gained the skills needed to tackle tough JavaScript interview questions.

What You Will Learn

  • Get prepared for the technical interview
  • Find out how to code algorithms in JavaScript
  • Work on 100 JavaScript algorithms
  • Understand the basics of TypeScript
  • Become familiar with high-order functions in JavaScript
  • Distinguish between lexical scoping and block scoping


If you are a Java or JavaScript developer, or a beginner, who wants to learn basic and advanced JavaScript methods to pass technical interviews, then this course is for you. A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended before getting started with this course.

About The Author

Dylan Israel: Dylan Israel is a self-taught software developer and YouTube content creator. He posts videos weekly, discussing software and web development topics crucial to his field. He has a passion for motivating others through software and hopes to not only educate but help others improve their own personal situation with software, as he did himself.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. What’s the 100 Algorithms Challenge? Who am I?
    2. Objective Setup
    3. My Tools
    4. TypeScript Basics
    5. Getting Started
  2. Chapter 2 : Testing our Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Getting Started
    3. Testing
    4. Turning Our Tests Back On
  3. Chapter 3 : Algorithms
    1. Absolute Values Sum Minimization
    2. Add
    3. Add Border
    4. Add Two Digits
    5. Adjacent Elements Product
    6. All Longest Strings
    7. Almost Increasing Sequence
    8. Alphabetic Shift
    9. Alphabet Sub Sequence
    10. Alternating Sums
    11. Are Equally Strong
    12. Are Similar
    13. Array Change
    14. Array Conversion
    15. Array Max Consecutive Sum
    16. Array Maximal Adjacent Difference
    17. Array Previous Less
    18. Array Replace
    19. Avoid Obstacles
    20. Bishop and Pawn
    21. Box Blur
    22. Candies
    23. Case Insensitive Palindrome
    24. Century from Year
    25. Character Parity
    26. Check Palindrome
    27. Chess Board Cell Color
    28. Chunky Monkey
    29. Circle of Numbers
    30. Common Character Count
    31. Company Bot Strategy
    32. Compare Integers
    33. Compose Ranges
    34. Confirm Ending
    35. Contains Close Nums
    36. Contains Duplicates
    37. Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
    38. Convert String
    39. Crossing Sum
    40. Deposit Profit
    41. Different Symbols Naive
    42. Digit Degree
    43. Domain Type
    44. Election Winners
    45. Enclose in Brackets
    46. Even Digits Only
    47. Extract Each Kth
    48. Extract Matrix Column
    49. Factorialize a Number
    50. Fancy Ride
    51. Fare Estimator
    52. Fermactor
    53. Find the Closest Pair
    54. Find Email Domain
    55. First Digit
    56. First Duplicate
    57. First Not Repeating Character
    58. Flatten Array
    59. Growing Plant
    60. House Number Sum
    61. House of Cats
    62. HTML End Tag by Start Tag
    63. Incorrect Password Attempts
    64. Integer To String Of Fixed Width
    65. Internal Backups
    66. Is Lucky
    67. Is Tandem Repeat
    68. Largest of Four
    69. Largest Number
    70. Late Ride
    71. Launch Sequence Checker
    72. Longest Digits Prefix
    73. Make Array Consecutive 2
    74. Matrix Elements Sum
    75. Max Multiple
    76. Missing Letters
    77. New Numeral System
    78. Palindrome Rearranging
    79. Pages Numbering with Ink
    80. Pig Latin
    81. Pro Categorization
    82. Proper Noun Correction
    83. Rating Threshold
    84. Reflect String
    85. Reverse a String
    86. Seats in Theater
    87. Seek and Destroy
    88. Shape Area
    89. Sort by Height
    90. Sort by Length
    91. Stolen Lunch
    92. Strings Construction
    93. Sum All Prime Numbers
    94. Sum of Odd Fibonacci Numbers
    95. Square Digits Sequence
    96. Switch Lights
    97. Sum of Two
    98. Tasks Types
    99. Unique Digit Products
    100. Valid Time
  4. Chapter 4 : Technical Phone Screen
    1. Introduction
    2. Don’t Lie in your Interview
    3. Use Examples
    4. Double Equal versus Triple Equal (‘== vs ===’)
    5. What is Closure in JavaScript?
    6. Lexical versus Block Scope
    7. What is typeof in JavaScript?
    8. What is ‘use strict’ in JavaScript?
    9. What does ‘Delete’ do in JavaScript?
    10. What is ‘this’ in JavaScript?
  5. Chapter 5 : Thank You
    1. Congratulations

Product information

  • Title: 100 JavaScript Algorithms Challenge
  • Author(s): Dylan Israel
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800568556