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Allegra Hicks is the
designer behind the
eponymous luxury
lifestyle brand that
is now recognized
around the world for its
beautiful textiles and
prints. Allegra grew
up in Turin, Italy and
studied design in Milan
and  ne arts in Brussels
before moving to New
York, where she started
her career working in
the arts. After having
established her name in
the world of interiors,
Allegra moved into
fashion design. Today
Allegra Hicks designs
two women’s ready-
to-wear and a cruise
collection per year as
well as a home collection,
featuring houseware
and linens, as well as
an interior collection of
fabrics, rugs, and wall
papers. Allegra uses a
unique print vocabulary
and applies this to all
her collections: fashion,
home, and interior. Her
style can be described
as timelessly elegant,
sophisticated, organic,
and eclectic, often with a
vintage feel.
Allegra Hicks
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