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When she was a child,
Krizia moved from her
native Amsterdam to
Barcelona, where she
still lives. She studied
fashion design at the
Felicidad Duce Design
and Fashion College,
where she won the prize
for best collection in
her  nal year. She was
also invited to take part
in Projecte Bressol, a
project to assist and
train young fashion
designers organized by
the regional government
of Catalonia. De ned
by Krizia Robustella
as “sport deluxe,” the
designer takes sports
clothing of the last few
decades to create a
world of her own where
comfort blends with
luxury through the
forms and fabrics that
she had been setting
aside for formal wear.
Hers is a label for
eccentric types who like
to take risks and need
to be seen during the
day, without losing the
glamour and elegance
that typify nights in the
big city.
Krizia Robustella
© Dizy Díaz
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