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A true prophet of
Brazilian fashion,
Patricia de Magales
Viera began her career
in the fashion business
in 1979 in London,
as the assistant of
stylist Sally Mee. She
returned to Brazil in
1979 and worked in
Cia. Arte dos Pés as a
shoe designer alongside
Mauro Taubman until
1995. Ready for a new
adventure, Patricia
created her eponymous
brand in 1998. The
year after, in constant
pursuit of bettering
her style and global
presence, she entered
the international
market with the English
consultant Robert
Forrest. Since 2004 the
brand has been a part
of the Brazilian fashion
weeks, starting with
Fashion Rio and the São
Paulo Fashion Week.
Her style is inspired
by myths of folklore
at the heart of the
Amazon and popular
woman is feminine and
sexy, but discards the
vu lgar ity.
Patricia Viera
© Sérgio Caddah
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