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Convinced that fashion
should be beautiful,
elegant, and ladylike,
Scottish born designer
Sia Dimitriadi creates
irresistible garments.
Sia launched her
eponymous label in
2006. A self-taught
designer, she takes a
romantic approach to
fashion. She adorns
luxurious fabrics with
unexpected details such
as couture accents,
adding personality to
every piece. Inspired
by the elegance of
a ballerina and the
seductiveness of bygone
Hollywood boudoir, Sia
designs collections of
very individual pieces
that are both ultra
modern and timeless.
Her trademark style is
made up of cascading
tulle and soft chiffon
ruffles, voluminous
ostrich feather
embellishments, and
hand-sewn clusters of
tulle  ower budsall
give life to dreamy
textures. Delicate
fabrics in ultimate black
and hints of powdery
shades help create a
sought-after dramatic
Sia Dimitriadi
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