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As an accomplished
fashion and product
designer, Sonia lists
nature as her main
source of inspiration
and motivation.
Nevertheless, daily
city life, architecture,
people, or a poem will
equally in uence her
air for design. Born
and bred in Milan,
Sonia graduated
in product design
from Politecnico and
subsequently relocated
to Linz, Austria to start
her career in fashion
and design. Here she
initially worked for
Lohberger before  nally
settling at Silhouette
in October 2004.
Her strength lies in
research, a key part of
her method. She claims
to have always been a
designer from childhood
and what fascinates
her in eyewear design
is the possibility and
the challenge to softly
add the frames on a
face, thus maintaining
the harmony of
one’s features. A
frame, according to
Serlenga,says a great
deal about the person
who wears it.
Sonia Serlenga/adidas
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