1,000 Ideas
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20 1,000 Tips by 100 Manga Artists
001 Where do the ideas for your draWings come
from? hoW do you do your research? Apart from the
usual sources like music, films, books, Internet
etc. it can be anything. Though while brushing
my teeth I tend to get a lot of ideas strangely
enough. I often get lost in my research.
002 W
hat does your Work desk look like? What
can We come across? There are two phases on my
desk. The mostly short and clean phase, and then
there’s the cramped version full of sketch blocks,
art materials, my laptop, a graphics tablet and
very often some tea.
003 W
hat is the first thing you do before
sitting doWn to draW? As bland as it might sound,
I take a moment to concentrate on the task at
hand and I usually get my tools ready, or I have
to make space for them first.
004 d
o you alWays use the same tools or do you
change depending on the piece youre Working on?
It always depends on the individual piece I am
working on. When I get an idea I want to put on
paper, I automatically know what kind of material
I should use.
005 W
hat are your favorite tools or
draWing programs, and Why? When I am working
traditionally, it has to be markers. If its a
digital piece, then I prefer to work with Painter.
Photoshop is essential nonetheless; and I
shouldn’t forget Manga Studio.
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
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Aileen Strauch 21
010 What makes a comic sell successfully? I am
pretty sure every comic creator and publisher would
love to know a formula that works 100%. I would say
a solid story, interesting characters and good art are
indispensable along with promotion.
006 What advice Would you give to a novice
illustrator trying to make a name for himself? First of
all, don’t be shy. Take opportunities to get your
portfolio reviewed, talk to other artists and go
to conventions. They are a perfect place to get
started and to meet like-minded people.
007 d
o you feel the need to better yourself When
it comes to your Work? to What extent? Yes, and it’s
a constant struggle well knowing that you will
never be fully satisfied. Thats the drive, which
keeps me improving. Its like this: next time you
can do even better.
008 m
anga: is it art? Honestly, why shouldn’t
it be art? There will always be people who say
that’s not art and those who say it is. Manga is
relatively new to the Western world and still a
novelty to the majority.
009 W
hat good habits should a comic
illustrator have? Being critical about your own
work. You should be realistic about your own
abilities and improve steadily on the things you
don’t manage well enough yet. Be open-minded
and observe consciously.
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
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