Kevin Bolk (or K-Bo. to his
fans) is a freelance cartoonist,
illustrator, and proud alumnus
of Awesome University, his
favorite imaginary alma mater.
Although he’s done work for
Nickelodeon, Tokyopop, Udon
Entertainment, Blind Ferret
Entertainment, and Voices For,
he’s best known for his parody
It Sucks to be
Ensign Sue Must
, as part of Interrobang
Studios’ Pot Luck Comics.
He’s also responsible for the
quirky auto-bio comic
I’m My
Own Mascot!
as well as the
fantasy webcomics send-up
The Last Mystical Legend of
the Fantastic Fantasy Trigger
, just to name a few. All
of these delightful diversions
can be conveniently located
at the Interrobang Studios
website (bookmark or perish!)
In his spare time, K-Bo.
can be found watching old
Saturday morning cartoons
or engaging in cage matches
with the Rodents of Unusual
Size found in the back alley of
his Baltimore home. He likes
Kevin Bolk,
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