176 1,000 Tips by 100 Manga Artists
521 Where do the ideas for your draWings come
from? hoW do you do your research? They come
from many places. My childhood memories,
photographs and scenes seen on a trip…
522 Who are your favorite illustrators? are
you trying to folloW in their footsteps? Hiroo Isono.
He is an illustrator who draws beautiful tropical
rain forests. I am trying to make a difference by
drawing natural Japanese scenery like him.
523 What does your Work desk look like? What
can We come across? The colors are subdivided by
group, and color samples on it.
524 What is the first thing you do before
sitting doWn to draW? Cleaning. I don’t feel like
drawing if the room isn’t clean.
525 do you alWays use the same tools or do you
change depending on the piece youre Working on? I
always use the same tools, acrylic colors. Trial and
error is my method for choosing tools.
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Masayoshi Mizuho 177
530 What is the greatest acknoWledgement you
could hope to achieve for your Work? I am happy
when I receive a prize.
526 What are your favorite tools or draWing
programs, and Why? It’s acrylic colors. Its easy to
use them because they don’t dissolve in water
when they dry.
527 do you feel the need to better yourself When
it comes to your Work? to What extent? I always feel
the need to better myself. I feel the need to draw
pictures that fascinate the people who see them.
528 What has changed about your style of
draWing since you began? I draw faster. A big
picture could’ve taken more than one month long
529 What is the most important lesson you have
learned that you Would like to pass on to others?
There is no special lesson, its only “draw many
illustrations.” I was poor long ago. There are
many pictures that I don’t want to show.
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
#175 Dtp:204 Page:177
Masayoshi Mizuho is a
professional illustrator.
His approach to work is
simple: After observing the
mountains, woods and rivers,
Masayoshi draws the natural
landscapes from memory
just as he remembers
them. As he puts it: “Japan
is brimming with natural
beauty. I love painting
nature, the passage of the
four seasons and the colorful
blooming of Japanese nature
in all its glory. To do this, I
use acrylics. It is not a very
efficient way of working,
because it means my work
can’t be reproduced on a
massive scale, but I still like
the process of working with
my hands.
Masayoshi Mizuho
178 1,000 Tips by 100 Manga Artists
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
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