Maximo V. Lorenzo has
been working in comics
professionally since 2003. As
he says, “it is my mission to
master as many walks of art
and storytelling as I possibly
can, every job I take more steps
towards my goal. I love creative
challenges and smashing
through impossibilities. My
areas of strength include:
expressing power in art,
concept and character design,
sequential art, caricature,
expression in art, aesthetics,
creative thinking, typography,
traditional and digital media,
iconography, graphic art and
Maximo V. Lorenzo
Maximo V. Lorenzo 179
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
#175 Dtp:204 Page:179
180 1,000 Tips by 100 Manga Artists
531 Where do the ideas for your draWings come
from? hoW do you do your research? The ideas I
cook up for my work are a result of experiences
I’ve had, feelings I’ve felt, things I like to see, or
something I want to express. I usually come up
with ideas blasting video game music, or taking
a super hot shower. My research is equal parts
messing around on the Internet and striking cool
poses around the house.
532 W
hat does your Work desk look like? What
can We come across? A total mess. Anything I find
inspiring, useful or edible at the moment.
533 d
o you alWays use the same tools or do you
change depending on the piece youre Working on?
I have a g-pen for badass lines that compose
characters and expressions, brush for anything
that’s organic or full of motion, techpens for
detailing and stiff linework, and maru pen for
dainty linework.
534 d
o you prefer the classic guidelines from
anga or experimenting With neW channels? If
anything I experiment with manga techniques
and what I like sticks around.
535 W
hat differentiates you from mangas
other illustrators? I’m hot-blooded! My art is an
expression of my energy and determination!
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
#175 Dtp:204 Page:180
Maximo V. Lorenzo 181
540 What is the greatest acknoWledgement you
could hope to achieve for your Work? Well, hopefully
I’d like to make a solid living, as I am a big fan of
delicious foods, but really if I can just get people to
be intellectually and emotionally swayed by my
stories and characters, that’s all I could ask for.
536 What advice Would you give to a novice
illustrator trying to make a name for himself? The
ego will keep you productive, but if you don’t
doubt your methods you won’t improve. You
don’t want to be an extremity of either when
presenting your work, the trick is balance.
537 d
o you feel the need to better yourself
When it comes to your Work? to What extent? I need
to improve in so many areas, but basically my
priorities are structure, things like anatomy, panel
layout… And getting good at what makes me, me
such as fight scenes, linework, facial expressions
and badassness.
538 W
hy is manga so popular in the Western
World? Manga is popular because although we
have good published comics on this side of the
world, we’ve more or less pigeonholed who our
readers are and what they expect. But when it
comes to manga their approach is “comics for
everything”, which expands readership of comics
(or manga ) to everyone. Although with our
independent and webcomics we’re taking that
ground back.
539 W
hat is the most important lesson you have
learned that you Would like to pass on to others?
Manga and comics are the same thing. People
try to separate the two for whatever reason but
the reality is the more we progress into the future
the more we break down cultural and language
barriers, and so learn more and become inspired
from each other across the planet.
JOB:05-25382/25610 Title:RP-1000 Ineas By 100 Manga Artists
#175 Dtp:204 Page:181

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