Stephen was born in
Pensacola, Florida. He began
drawing at a very early age
and his interest in art only
grew as he got older. Always
a fan of video games, comics,
and films, he pursued work
among these things from
youth into adulthood. He
began his professional career
as a caricature artist at Bush
Gardens in Tampa, and
also as a storyboard artist
on animated films, such as
Angel Wars
DVD series.
Afterwards he was employed
by Gorilla Systems Corp. as a
2-D artist on a variety of video
game projects. Since his
time there, he has become a
freelance artist, contributing
his time to all manner of
professional and personal
projects, including comics,
video games, and animation.
Stephen ‘Teben’ Hetrick
262 1,000 Tips by 100 Manga Artists
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