1,000 Poses in Fashion

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Ambiguous, sensual, coquette, and suggestive: the one thousand fashion drawing poses in this book are a deep journey into the wealth of possibilities for illustrating male and female bodies, and designers’ capacity to transmit sensations with an ever so slight flick of the wrist.

Table of contents

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  4. Introduction
    1. Cowl-neck shirt with cap and low-waist pants
    2. Tank top and leggings
    3. Bubble skirt with straps
    4. Tank top and bubble skirt
    5. Rolled up cotton overalls
    6. Top and baggy pants
    7. T-shirt dress with leggings
    8. Tank top and harem pants
    9. Checked shirt, pashmina, and leggings
    10. Miniskirt and short sleeve shirt
    11. Shirt and draped skirt
    12. Batwing-sleeve jacket with wide-leg jeans
    13. Hooded sweatshirt with leggings
    14. Zip-up jacket with puff sleeves and tracksuit pants
    15. Tank top, vest, and baggy pants
    16. Cotton sweater and classic pants
    17. Hooded blouse with stand-up collar and ruched pants
    18. Shorts and jacket with bell sleeves
    19. Checked shirt with denim vest and leggings
    20. Top, long cotton vest, and wide-leg pants
    21. Strapless jumpsuit with jacket/cape
    22. Turtleneck sweater with batwing sleeves
    23. Hooded sweatshirt and tracksuit pants
    24. Strap dress with knitted vest, stockings, and knee-high boots
    25. Turtleneck sweater and wide-leg pants
    26. Shirt, miniskirt, and elastic belt
    27. Turtleneck sweater, tuxedo vest, and baggy pants
    28. Sweater and jeans with wide belt
    29. Hooded windbreaker and leggings
    30. T-shirt, jeans, and thigh-high boots
    31. Fringed draped dress
    32. Strapless dress with sash belt
    33. Shirt dress with short vest
    34. Minidress with leather vest
    35. Boatneck dress with padded shoulders and belt
    36. Sleeveless minidress with stand-up collar
    37. Dress with ruffled sleeves and sash belt
    38. Draped strap dress
    39. Dress with puff sleeves and wide belt
    40. Minidress with leg of mutton sleeves
    41. Turtleneck minidress
    42. Dress with low neckline and belt
    43. Beach dress
    44. V-neck dress and sash belt
    45. Minidress worn with long scarf
    46. Silk empire dress
    47. Strapless baggy jumpsuit
    48. Minidress with three-quarter sleeves and Mao collar
    49. Long V-neck jumpsuit and pashmina
    50. Turtleneck dress with three-quarter sleeves
    51. Long dress with sweetheart neckline
    52. Strapless dress
    53. Denim dress with asymmetrical close
    54. Hooded waterproof coat
    55. '20s-style fringed minidress
    56. V-neck minidress with ruffled sleeves combined with beret
    57. Strap dress and belt
    58. Denim miniskirt
    59. Draped minidress with sweetheart neckline
    60. Long sleeve minidress
    61. Strapless pant dress
    62. Ruffled dress, hat, and cowboy boots
    63. Tuxedo vest with lapels and peasant skirt
    64. Dress with bell sleeves and boatneck
    65. Leather jacket with cotton T-shirt and leggings
    66. Long trench coat with wide belt and leggings
    67. Bolero jacket with classic dress
    68. Wool coat with turtleneck dress
    69. Three-quarter sleeve tweed jacket and draped skirt
    70. Blazer with large shoulders and minidress
    71. Bolero jacket with bodysuit and boyfriend cut pants
    72. Fur coat with fitted pants
    73. Minidress and short jacket with wide neck
    74. Three-quarter length coat with fitted pants
    75. Cotton dress and jacket / Sequined jacket with minidress and leggings
    76. Blazer with cotton T-shirt and jeans / Military jacket with bodysuit and tracksuit pants
    77. Women’s pantsuit / Short leather jacket and dress with tulip skirt
    78. Coat, minidress, and leggings / Balloon dress and short jacket
    79. Tweed jacket with minidress and leggings / Cutaway jacket and minidress
    80. T-shirt, fitted jeans, and a Peruvian hat
    81. Tank top, fingerless gloves, and tracksuit pants
    82. Shirt with rolled-up sleeves shorts, and trilby hat
    83. Short sleeve shirt and shorts
    84. Plain cotton T-shirt with overshirt and dress shorts
    85. Cotton T-shirt and casual pants
    86. Rolled-up summer pants with cotton T-shirt
    87. T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and rolled-up jeans
    88. Cotton T-shirt with neck scarf and baggy pants
    89. T-shirt, neck scarf, and harem pants
    90. Polo shirt and jeans
    91. Tracksuit pants and V-neck T-shirt
    92. Hat and scarf with cotton T-shirt and jeans
    93. T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and tight pants with cuffs
    94. Leather jacket with tight pants
    95. Printed vest with classic pants
    96. Hooded sweatshirt and cargo shorts
    97. Sweater, jeans, and cap with earflaps
    98. Long sleeve T-shirt with pushed up sleeves, vest, neck scarf, and stovepipe pants
    99. ’50s-style leather biker jacket with shirt and tight pants
    100. Bolero jacket and jeans
    101. Biker jacket with cotton T-shirt and straight-leg pants
    102. Tracksuit
    103. Shirt and tie with fitted pants
    104. Matching jeans and denim jacket with checked shirt
    105. Wool jacket with shirt, jeans, and boots
    106. Shirt and vest with classic pants
    107. Leather jacket and jeans
    108. Cardigan with classic pants
    109. Cardigan with rolled-up cotton pants
    110. Hooded sweatshirt and cotton pants
    111. Sweater with three-quarter sleeves, winter cap, and jeans
    112. Hooded sweatshirt and baggy tracksuit pants
    113. Cardigan and neck tie with straight-leg pants and travel bag
    114. Light jacket with fitted pants
    115. Rolled-up denim shirt with casual pants
    116. Shirt with tab collar, baseball jacket, and wide-leg pants
    117. Flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, biker vest, and fitted pants
    118. Matching vest and pants
    119. Shirt with bow tie, sweater, and tight pants
    120. Fleece and jeans
    121. Hooded sports jacket and fitted jeans
    122. Technical jacket with skinny pants
    123. Cotton T-shirt, overshirt with rolled-up sleeves, and stovepipe pants
    124. Denim jacket with tight pants
    125. Shirt with rolled-up sleeves, four-button double-breasted vest, and cotton pants
    126. Long sleeve T-shirt, cap, and jeans
    127. Knitted sweater with shirt and straight-leg pants
    128. High-neck polyester jacket and tracksuit pants
    129. Silk bomber jacket with baggy pants
    130. Denim jacket, tank top, and tracksuit pants
    131. Denim vest and stovepipe pants
    132. Blazer/coat with straight-leg pants and boots
    133. Fitted suit
    134. Classic suit with shirt and sneakers
    135. Blazer and straight-leg pants with wool scarf
    136. Dress suit
    137. Casual blazer with cotton T-shirt and jeans
    138. Casual suit
    139. Fitted suit with neck scarf
    140. Summer suit
    141. Blazer with tracksuit pants
    142. Suit with trilby hat
    143. Suit with checked shirt
    144. Blazer, fine knit sweater, and tight pants
    145. Blazer and baggy cotton pants
    146. Six-button three-quarter length coat with straight-leg pants
    147. Hooded sweatshirt, classic coat, and skinny jeans
    148. Trench coat with shirt, tie, jeans, and beret
    149. Blazer and jeans with scarf and mittens
    150. Coat, jeans, and boots
    151. Suit and three-quarter length coat
    152. Leather bomber jacket with cap, scarf, and straight-leg pants / Fur coat and jeans
    153. Varsity jacket with jeans / Three quarter length army coat with shirt and jeans
    154. Three-quarter length wool coat with classic pants / Three-quarter length coat with scarf, hat, and tight pants
    155. Peacoat with hat and stovepipe pants / Three-quarter length wool coat with shirt and cotton pants
    156. Hooded raincoat / Work coveralls

Product information

  • Title: 1,000 Poses in Fashion
  • Author(s): Chidy Wayne
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): Rockport Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781610601535