Chapter 17


A graph is a visual representation of mathematical data. Graphs make it easy to see how a set of values relate to each other. In this chapter, you hone your graph-reading skills. You also get some practice working with the most ubiquitous graph in mathematics, the xy-graph.

The Problems You’ll Work On

Here’s a preview of the types of problems you’ll solve in this chapter:

check.png Working with graphs that display data: bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, pictographs

check.png Plotting points, calculating slope, and finding the distance between two points on the xy-graph

What to Watch Out For

The problems in this chapter provide practice in working with a variety of types of graphs. Here are descriptions of each type of graph, with some additional pointers for answering questions about the xy-graph.

check.png A bar graph allows you to compare values that are independent from each other.

check.png A pie chart provides a picture of how an amount is divided into percentages.

check.png A line graph shows you ...

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