1.1 Buzz Reports. Example: Learning Apps—Peapod Labs; 2010; Peapod Labs. Team: Jared Allen, Guillermo Krovblit, JunYoung Yang.

1.2 Popular Media Scan. Example: HeartSense—Addressing Obama’s Health Care Agenda; 2009; IIT Institute of Design (IIT ID). Advisor: Larry Keeley. Team: Mo Goltz, Elena O’Curry, Mike Roy, Owen Schoppe, Traci Thomas.

1.3 Key Facts. Example: New Options for Out-of-School Youth; 2008; IIT ID. Advisor: Vijay Kumar, Chris Conley, Jeff Harris, Ash Arnet. Team: Matt Cowen, Marie-Claude Garneau, James Heys, Jennifer Lee, Kate Pemberton, Susan Stirling.

1.4 Innovation Sourcebook. Example: Home-Life Strategic Platform; 2010; IIT ID. Advisor: Vijay Kumar. Team: Jin Shaun Ang, Tanushree Bhat, Young Jin Chung, Benjamin Davis, Luis Eduardo Dejo, Eunkyung Kim, Na Rae Kim, Shilpi Kumar, Joohyun Lyoo, Francesca Passoni, Zack Perry, Joseph Shields, Alok Singh, Jung Joo Sohn, Jessica Striebich, Traci Thomas, Helen Tong, John Vollmer.

1.5 Trend Experts Interview. Example: Convivial Food Platform; 2010; IIT ID. Advisor: Vijay Kumar. Team: Benjamin Davis, Na Rae Kim, Francesca Passoni, Zack Perry, Alok Singh.

1.6 Keyword Bibliometrics. Example: Innovations for a Medical Devices Company; 2007; Doblin.

1.7 Ten Types of Innovation Framework. Example: Innovations in Car Rental Company; 2000; Doblin.

1.8 Innovation Landscape. Example: Innovations in Healthcare Industry; 2006; Doblin.

1.9 Trends Matrix. Example: Cultural Tourism—CityFriends; 2007; IIT ...

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