Energized by powerful insights about people and the context, it is time to jump from the world of inquiries into the world of possibilities for the future. What are the ways to move into that world, imagine that future, and envision possibilities that enrich all participants? How can today’s assumptions be questioned and reframed for tomorrow? Where are the pathways leading to a variety of ideas that will help build the future?

When venturing out into a new territory and exploring it, open-mindedness, a sense of adventure, and a spirit of creativity are naturally important. However, teams also need to maintain focus and sense of direction so as not to lose course. Rigorous processes and structured methods are essential as well.

The starting activities in this mode build on the patterns and insights gained from the previous modes. We take a strong point of view about how innovations ought to be built for the user and context needs. Exploring new concepts inherently involves “envisioning the future” through brainstorming, sketching, prototyping ideas, and storytelling. Explorations happen in nonlinear, continuous, and iterative cycles until new and valuable solutions and strategies are generated.


EXPLORE CONCEPTS                         mindsets

The mindset ...

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