A new recipe is only an idea until a chef prepares the dish. And then, more often than not, the chef tastes it and decides if it needs to be adjusted. Through a process of testing, modifying, and retesting the right balance of taste, ingredients, and cooking time are found. If a recipe seems complex, imagine creating an entire menu. Behind every menu is a systemic approach to planning, purchasing, preparation, evaluation, and teamwork. All of the same principles hold true for innovation teams tasked with translating their concepts into actual products, experiences, and services.

The intent in this mode is to explore how our ideas might take form in the real world and be successful. It is about building to learn—making prototypes to understand how design solutions might work—and testing to see how users experience them. It recognizes initial failure as part of the process and iteration as fundamental to arriving at delightful solutions. Beyond simply making ideas tangible, the Realize Offerings phase of innovation embodies a series of planning activities to figure out how design solutions align with larger strategic goals. This includes estimating the kinds of resources they might require and conceiving tactical plans for implementation.

In summary, Realize Offerings is about making ideas tangible and planning how they get realized in the world.

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