Letter Confirming Acceptance of an Employee’s Verbal Resignation
#94 Letter Confirming Acceptance of an Employee’s Verbal Resignation
Employee verbally resigns but does not provide her supervisor with a formal letter of resig-
nation as requested. The supervisor is afraid that this employee may change her mind about
leaving, since she’s made idle threats before. The supervisor therefore confirms in writing
the worker’s verbal resignation so that the worker can’t rescind her resignation during the
two-week notice period.
April 10, 2010
Nina Sam
261 Dorset Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Dear Nina,
This letter confirms that you have verbally provided me with two weeks of notice
regarding your resignation as Financial Analyst and that I have accepted your
resignation. You stated that your last day of work with our organization will be
April 23 because you have found a new position elsewhere.
Thank you for continued support to our company over the past year. I wish you well in
your future career endeavors.
Rae Mauro
Director of Finance

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