Policy and Procedure Violations
#8 Software Piracy (Unauthorized Installation)
Employee loaded personal software onto his office PC and thereby violated a company rule
and jeopardized licensing agreements.
Employee Name: Dennis Pryor Department: Manufacturing
Date Presented: April 29, 2010 Supervisor: Larry Comp
Disciplinary Level
Verbal Correction—(To memorialize the conversation.)
Written Warning—(State nature of offense, method of correction, and action to
be taken if offense is repeated.)
Investigatory Leave—(Include length of time and nature of review.)
Final Written Warning
Without decision-making leave
With decision-making leave (Attach memo of instructions.)
With unpaid suspension
Subject: Unauthorized installation of personal software onto company PC
Policy/Procedure Violation
Performance Transgression
Behavior/Conduct Infraction
Prior Notifications
Level of Discipline Date Subject
Verbal ___________ __________________________________________
Written ___________ __________________________________________
Final Written ___________ __________________________________________
Software Piracy (Unauthorized Installation)
Incident Description and Supporting Details: Include the following information: Time,
Place, Date of Occurrence, and Persons Present as well as Organizational Impact.
In December 2009, Data Security Administrator Bill Wright performed a “baseline software
audit” and removed programs from your PC that were not authorized for installation. You
were told not to load any unauthorized copies of software again.
In a random software audit conducted on 4/22/10, Bill Wright found programs on your PC
that were formerly removed from your system back in December and for which there is no
proof of ownership. This clearly violates our company’s software piracy policies, which state
that no unauthorized copies of computer software are to be loaded onto an employee’s PC
under any circumstances. Your actions might violate U.S. copyright law as well.
Performance Improvement Plan
1. Measurable/Tangible Improvement Goals: Dennis, I expect you to uphold all rules
and policies regarding software installation and to abide by all of our organization’s
standards of performance and conduct.
2. Training or Special Direction to Be Provided: A copy of the company policy on
unauthorized installation of software is attached. Please read it immediately and let me
know if you have any questions.
3. Interim Performance Evaluation Necessary? No
4. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider, Prime Behavioral Health Group,
can be confidentially reached to assist you at (800) 555-5555. This is strictly voluntary.
A booklet regarding the EAP’s services is available from Human Resources.
5. In addition, I recognize that you may have certain ideas to improve your performance.
Therefore, I encourage you to provide your own Personal Improvement Plan Input
and Suggestions:
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
Outcomes and Consequences
Positive: I will remain available to help you and discuss areas where you require
additional support. If you meet your performance goals, no further disciplinary action
will be taken regarding this issue.
Policy and Procedure Violations
Negative: You are now being placed on notice that if you ever again install or copy
unauthorized software on to your workstation, disciplinary action up to and including
termination may result. A copy of this document will be placed in your personnel file.
Scheduled Review Date: None
Employee Comments and/or Rebuttal
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
X __________________________________
Employee Signature
Employee Acknowledgment Goes Here

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