Performance Transgressions
#40 Sleeping on the Job
Insurance adjuster falls asleep in his cubicle while reviewing files and is discovered by his
Employee Name: Eric Stein Department: Personal Lines Claims
Date Presented: October 17, 2010 Supervisor: Barbara McDonald
Disciplinary Level
Verbal Correction—(To memorialize the conversation.)
Written Warning—(State nature of offense, method of correction, and action to
be taken if offense is repeated.)
Investigatory Leave—(Include length of time and nature of review.)
Final Written Warning
Without decision-making leave
With decision-making leave (Attach memo of instructions.)
With unpaid suspension
Subject: Sleeping on the job
Policy/Procedure Violation
Performance Transgression
Behavior/Conduct Infraction
Prior Notifications
Level of Discipline Date Subject
Verbal ___________ __________________________________________
Written ___________ __________________________________________
Final Written ___________ __________________________________________
Sleeping on the Job
Incident Description and Supporting Details: Include the following information: Time,
Place, Date of Occurrence, and Persons Present as well as Organizational Impact.
Today, I walked by your cubicle at approximately 9:00 and saw you sitting in your chair
with your head down in your arms. I assumed that you were resting your head because you
had a headache. When I walked by again at 9:08, I saw that you were still sitting in the same
position and had not moved. I came into your cubicle to see how you were, and when I
called your name once, you did not answer. When I tapped your shoulder, you jumped up in
alarm because I had awakened you.
We later discussed the fact that you were working late at night and had been busy with per-
sonal affairs after work. You apologized for this mishap, assured me that it would not
happen again, and committed yourself to getting more sleep at night. Your actions, however,
have violated company performance standards.
Performance Improvement Plan
1. Measurable/Tangible Improvement Goals: Eric, I expect you to get enough sleep at
night to arrive at work each morning refreshed and eager to begin. I expect you to remain
sufficiently responsible to retain your position as claims adjuster.
2. Training or Special Direction to Be Provided: Attached to this document is a copy of
your job description. Please review the section on accountabilities to refamiliarize
yourself with your performance expectations.
3. Interim Performance Evaluation Necessary? No
4. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider, Prime Behavioral Health Group,
can be confidentially reached to assist you at (800) 555-5555. This is strictly voluntary.
A booklet regarding the EAP’s services is available from Human Resources.
5. In addition, I recognize that you may have certain ideas to improve your performance.
Therefore, I encourage you to provide your own Personal Improvement Plan Input
and Suggestions:
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
Outcomes and Consequences
Positive: I will remain available to help you and discuss areas where you require
additional support. If you meet your performance goals, no further disciplinary action
will be taken regarding this issue. In addition, you will increase your productivity and help
our department reach its targeted claims processing goals.
Performance Transgressions
Negative: You are now being placed on notice that if you again fall asleep on company
time and on company premises, further discipline up to and including dismissal will result.
A copy of this document will be placed in your personnel file.
Scheduled Review Date: None
Employee Comments and/or Rebuttal
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
X __________________________________
Employee Signature
Employee Acknowledgment Goes Here

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