Poor “Attitude”
#48 Poor “Attitude”
Cashier fails to make eye contact with customers, doesn’t respond when she’s greeted, and
appears to wish that she were somewhere else other than work.
Employee Name: Eileen Wolfram Department: Sales
Date Presented: September 30, 2010 Supervisor: Sid Carp
Disciplinary Level
Verbal Correction—(To memorialize the conversation.)
Written Warning—(State nature of offense, method of correction, and action to
be taken if offense is repeated.)
Investigatory Leave—(Include length of time and nature of review.)
Final Written Warning
Without decision-making leave
With decision-making leave (Attach memo of instructions.)
With unpaid suspension
Subject: Unsatisfactory work performance
Policy/Procedure Violation
Performance Transgression
Behavior/Conduct Infraction
Prior Notifications
Level of Discipline Date Subject
Verbal ___________ __________________________________________
Written ___________ __________________________________________
Final Written ___________ __________________________________________
Note that it is not good practice to discipline an employee for having a poor attitude. “Attitude” is a very
subjective judgment that courts will dismiss because it is often associated with a mere difference of opinion or
personality conflict. It is therefore critical that you avoid that term in the actual disciplinary notice. Instead, be
sure to describe the objective behaviors that create a negative perception of the employee in the others’ eyes.
Only behaviors and actions that can be observed and documented may be presented as evidence in court.
Behavior and Conduct Infractions
Incident Description and Supporting Details: Include the following information: Time,
Place, Date of Occurrence, and Persons Present as well as Organizational Impact.
As a cashier, your primary responsibility is to provide outstanding customer service to
patrons who frequent our cafeteria. Over the past two months, I have seen you consistently
fail to make eye contact with customers. You rarely look up from the register, and when
you do, you look only at the customers’ hands as they pass you money. As a result,
customers may feel alienated and less inclined to eat at our establishment in the future. In
addition, I have heard visitors greet you with a good morning and/or a thank-you, and you
gave them no response. Yesterday a longtime customer stated to me that it appears to her
that you wish that you were somewhere else other than work. This reflects poorly on our
It is an essential job requirement to promptly and politely acknowledge the presence of others
and to smile when serving a customer. You are consequently not meeting performance and
conduct standards.
Performance Improvement Plan
1. Measurable/Tangible Improvement Goals: Eileen, I expect you to greet customers
with a friendly hello and a courteous thank-you. I expect you to make eye contact and
smile so that patrons feel welcome and at home. I also expect you to be more focused on
your work and on the people around you so that you create an impression of caring and
dedicated attention.
2. Training or Special Direction to Be Provided: I encourage you to work with the
Human Resources training and development group or to research online an off-site
customer service training seminar to increase your skills and awareness in this area.
Please share your results with me so that we can further explore sending you to an
appropriate training workshop on company time and at company expense.
3. Interim Performance Evaluation Necessary? No
4. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider, Prime Behavioral Health Group,
can be confidentially reached to assist you at (800) 555-5555. This is strictly voluntary.
A booklet regarding the EAP’s services is available from Human Resources.
5. In addition, I recognize that you may have certain ideas to improve your performance.
Therefore, I encourage you to provide your own Personal Improvement Plan Input
and Suggestions:
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
Poor “Attitude”
Outcomes and Consequences
Positive: I will remain available to help you and discuss areas where you require
additional support. If you meet your performance goals, no further disciplinary action
will be taken regarding this issue. In addition, you will develop a greater sense of your
ability to contribute to our restaurant’s success.
Negative: You are now being placed on notice that if you fail to improve in these particular
areas or if you violate any other standards of performance and conduct in the next 60 days,
further disciplinary action up to and including dismissal may occur. A copy of this
document will be placed in your personnel file.
Scheduled Review Date: None
Employee Comments and/or Rebuttal
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
X __________________________________
Employee Signature
Employee Acknowledgment Goes Here

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