I want to thank the very helpful staff at Addison-Wesley—specifically, Raina Chrobak, Sheri Cain, Anna Popick, Chris Guzikowski, and freelance copy editor Jill Hobbs. They have been absolutely terrific in helping me work on my first book.

I want to thank my boss at Thomson Reuters, Mick Atton, for all his mentoring and for reviewing this book.

In addition, I want to thank Brad Appleton, Bob Maksimchuk, and Davie Sweis for their insights and detailed reviews of this book. I would also like to say thank you to Colin Renouf for his very detailed review of this book and for the knowledge of psychology that he shared with me. I also want to thank my wife, Jennifer, and my son, Tim, for taking time to review the book.

Finally, I want ...

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