16 Expert Lessons for Successfully Managing Your Personal Finances (Collection)

Book description

Your fast, foolproof money primer: escape debt, fix your credit, buy the right house, pay for college, prepare for retirement, and more!

Expert, step-by-step guidance for solving money problems and building real wealth and security! Discover new ways to fix your credit (and cut interest payments)…buy the right home and finance it the right way…cut the costs of college and life’s other biggest expenses…build the comfortable retirement you thought you couldn’t have!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Gregory Karp, Carolyn Warren, James W. Walker, Linda H. Lewis, and Jane White

Included in this collection:

· Some Aggressive Ways to Fix Your Credit (Carolyn Warren)

· Make Your Credit Cards Work for You Instead of You for Them (Gregory Karp)

· How to Get Out of Credit Card Debtor’s Prison: Stop Hemorrhaging Money and Start Saving (Jane White)

· Fighting Identity Theft!: How to Protect Your Personal Finances (Carolyn Warren)

· 31 Simple Rules for Protecting Your IRAs and 401(k)s (Steve Weisman)

· Retirement Isn’t the Only Option: What Do You Want to Do with Your Options? (James W. Walker and Linda H. Lewis)

· Determining Living Expenses for Retirement: Planning How to Live Well in Your Post-Work Life (James W. Walker and Linda H. Lewis)

· Homebuying Tips on How to Get the World’s Cheapest Loan (Carolyn Warren)

· Homebuying Tips on Credit and Credit Scores (Carolyn Warren)

· The House Loan Process in Ten Easy Steps (Carolyn Warren)

· A Five-Step Plan for People Working Toward Buying a Home (Carolyn Warren)

· Is Refinancing the Right Financial Move for You? (Carolyn Warren)

· How to Pay Less for Life and Auto Insurance: Know What You Need and How to Shop (Gregory Karp)

· Life Happens: Saving On College, Divorce, Hospital, and Funeral Expenses (Gregory Karp)

· Funding College: Finding Grants, Government Loans, and Colleges That Are Free (Jane White)

· Pay Less for Phone Services: From Home to Cell (Gregory Karp)

Product information

  • Title: 16 Expert Lessons for Successfully Managing Your Personal Finances (Collection)
  • Author(s): FT Press Delivers
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132489546