201 Killer Cover Letters Third Edition, 3rd Edition

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With hundreds of ready-to-download letters--updated with strategies for networking online, social media, and responding to Internet job postings.

"Wow, wow, and wow! Letters like these are what I want to see; they help me get to know the person immediately and create a very positive impression." -- Melissa Burke, co-owner, Blue Plate Minds Creative Staffing Agency

"I recommend this book to all the job seekers I work with; it saves them time and expedites the search." -- Julie Hipp, Principal, Impact Partners Executive Search Firm

"This book guides job seekers at every level in using social media and technology to compete with more tech-savvy candidates." -- Mary Gable, career and outplacement counselor

"Podesta and Paxton's strategies are brilliant! The letters will impress hiring managers, and the advice on using the Internet is spot on!" -- Dave McGurgan, social media manager

"These letters go right to the core of what is needed to get one step ahead of the rest." -- Jay Jamison, International Managed Service Leader, British Telecom

"Letters like these bring both resume and applicant to life, so I can make the right decisions about whom to interview and ultimately hire." -- Loretta Kuhland, former Deputy Executive Director, Center for Disability Services, New York Capital Region

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. How to Use This Book and the Accompanying Downloadable Content
  8. 1. Jobhunting in Today’s New World
    1. Career and Job Search Advice
    2. How to Find Job Openings Online: Job Boards and More
    3. How to Connect to People Who Can Help: Professional Networking Sites
    4. How (and Whether) to Use Social Media and Blogging Sites
    5. How to Create and Maintain Your Online Presence
    6. Guidelines to Help Speed your Search
  9. 2. The Top 10 Rules for Writing Killer Cover Letters
    1. Sample Employment Ad or Job Posting
    2. 10 Basic Dos and Don’ts for Writing Killer Cover Letters
  10. 3. How to Identify and Sell Your Strengths
    1. Worksheet 3-1: I Am . . . Because I . . .
    2. Worksheet 3-2: So You . . .
    3. Worksheet 3-3: How to Use This in Your Letter
    4. Sample Benefit Statements
    5. Sample Benefit Statements Adapted for Different Industries
    6. Sample Letters/E-mails
  11. 4. The Networking Letter
    1. How to Use E-mail to Identify (or Create!) Job Opportunities
    2. Step 1: Create a Connection
    3. Step 2: Inform
    4. Step 3: Request Action
    5. Optional Step 4: Close Warmly
    6. Sample Letters/E-mails
  12. 5. The Ad Response and Resume Cover Letter
    1. How to Create a Letter That Sets You Apart from Your Competition
    2. Step 1: Get Attention
    3. Step 2: Inform
    4. Step 3: Instruct
    5. Optional Step 4: Close Warmly
    6. How to Respond to Salary Queries
    7. Samples
  13. 6. The Follow-Up Letter
    1. How Follow-Up Letters Differ from Thank You Letters
    2. Step 1: Reestablish the Connection
    3. Step 2: Inform
    4. Step 3: Instruct
    5. Optional Step 4: Close Warmly
    6. Samples
  14. 7. The Thank You Letter
    1. When to Send a Thank You Letter
    2. Step 1: State the Occasion
    3. Step 2: Provide Information or State Your Feelings
    4. Samples
  15. 8. The Make Something Happen Letter
    1. How to Jump-Start a Stalled Candidacy
    2. Step 1: Get to the Point
    3. Step 2: Make the Point
    4. Optional Step 3: The Killer Close
    5. Samples
  16. 9. Additional Jobhunting Letters
    1. The Reference Request
    2. The Meeting Confirmation
    3. The Job Acceptance
    4. The Negotiation of an Offer
    5. The Offer Rejection
    6. The Letter of Resignation
    7. Samples
  17. 10. Killer Resources
    1. Words and Phrases to Avoid
    2. Cover Letter Checklist
    3. The Online Jobhunter’s Checklist
  18. Index of Letters That Address Specific Issues
  19. Index of Letters by Industry and Job Title
  20. Alphabetical Listing of Letters
  21. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: 201 Killer Cover Letters Third Edition, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Sandra Podesta, Andrea Paxton
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071831581