Chapter 11

Electronics Information

In This Chapter

arrow In This Chapter Understanding current, voltage, power, and more

arrow Comprehending electrical flow

arrow Deciphering circuit diagrams

arrow Amplifying your test score

When I was around 12 years old, I impressed my parents by taking an old television set apart and putting it back together. I impressed them right up to the point where I plugged it in and blew up the garage. But the world of electronics is a bit more complex than simply plugging something in and seeing whether it works. I (and the garage) learned this lesson the hard way.

Six years later, when I took the ASVAB, I scored very well on the Electronics Information subtest. (Go figure!) This subtest is designed to measure your knowledge of the principles of electricity and how these principles are applied in the real world. You may see questions about transistors, magnets, engines and motors, and radio and television. (Curiously, there are no questions on this subtest concerning the impromptu demolition of garages.)

You don’t have to be an electronics whiz to score well on this subtest. If ...

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