Chapter 13

Practice Exam 1

This sample test features nine subtests, just like the ASVAB. As you may have guessed, the sample tests in this book are paper-based tests. (Yes, I’m a master of the obvious.) When you take the actual ASVAB, it may be a paper-based or computer-based exam. The computer version has the same subtests as the paper version, but it follows a different time format and has a different number of questions.

Another difference with the computer-based test is that you can’t skip a question and go back to it, and you can’t change an answer after you enter it into the computer. Check out the computer-based test in greater detail in Chapter 3, and experience computer-based practice tests at ASVAB For Dummies Online.

tip To get the most out of this sample test, take it under the same conditions as the real ASVAB:

  • Allow yourself about 3 hours to take the entire exam, and take the whole thing at one time.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Bring a timer that you can set for various lengths of time, some scratch paper (you get two pieces during the exam, but you can get more; just ask for it as needed), and a pencil.
  • At the start of each subtest, set your timer for the specified period of time. Don’t go on to the next section until the timer has gone off, and don’t go back to a previous section. If you finish early, check your work for that section only.

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