Chapter 14

Practice Exam 1: Answers and Explanations

With the first practice test out of the way, you’re probably anxious to see how well you did. Use the answer keys in this chapter to score yourself on each of the nine subtests. Remember, your scores on this practice exam don’t equate to scores on the actual ASVAB. That’s because on the enlistment ASVAB, you get more points for answering harder questions correctly than you do for easier questions. The test is scored by comparing your raw score to the scores of other people, which produces a scaled score, so missing 20 out of 225 questions doesn’t mean that your score is 205. The practice exam, however, is a valuable tool for determining which subject areas you need to brush up on. (Turn to Chapter 1 to find out how the ASVAB is scored.)

Subtest 1: General Science Answers

The General Science subtest tests your knowledge of science facts. If you missed a few questions, reread the questions and try to figure out where you went wrong. If you missed more than a few questions, review Chapter 10.

tip General Science is a broad field, but some of the following books may help you: Chemistry For Dummies by John T. Moore, Biology For Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried, Astronomy For Dummies, 2nd Edition, by Stephen P. Maran, Weather For Dummies by John D. Cox, and Physics I For Dummies by Steven Holzner. You can find additional practice questions ...

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