Team Structure

SEVERAL QUESTIONS ON THE SURVEY FOCUSED ON TEAM STRUCTURE, the most basic of which was how many people work on the respondent’s team. Salary appears to steadily increase with team size, and with this variable the coefficient is not binary but multiplicative, equal to +$184 times the number of team members.

A slightly different team metric is the size of a team for a typical coding project. The median project team size was 4, with 31% of the sample reporting their typical project team size to be over 5 people. No variables based on answers to this question were significant in the model.

Another question about team structure was whether the respondent worked with people in various roles. Most respondents reported that they work with (other) programmers (89%), product managers (72%), and designers (58%), while 37% said they work with salespeople. The only variable from this question with a positive coefficient was for other programmers, of +$5,332. The small share of respondents (2%) who did not work with people in any of the above roles had a median salary of $37k.

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