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21st Century Business

Book Description

Manage all the changes driving your business in the 21st century!

In a time of unremitting, accelerating technological change, James W. Cortada offers a calm, intelligent path through the wilderness, helping managers understand the big picture and successfully manage the transition to the Internet economy. Cortada shows how to get past the hype associated with innovation, and leverage the best of the new technologies — without abandoning management fundamentals that are more important today than ever.

Management How the fundamentals of management will — and won't — apply in the 21st century Knowledge Master today's best practices for creating a learning organization Internet Leverage the Internet to build smarter, more efficient supply and value chains Work Understand how the new economy transforms work — and workers Strategy Choose a new future for your company — high-level approaches and step-by-step tasks

21st Century Business demonstrates how to manage and work as your firm transforms itself from an Industrial Age enterprise to a 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS, presenting street-wise strategies, guidelines, examples, and tips every manager can start using today. It's a masterful guide to what is changing, how to live in both worlds, and where your future sources of profit and personal success will come from.

21st Century Business is the first book that gives managers a broad, long-term perspective on the information age transformation — and translates that wisdom into strategies and tactics they can use right now.

James W. Cortada, one of the world's leading authorities on the management and history of information technology, offers profound insight into the changes that really matter. Equally important, he exposes the changes that will prove superficial or overhyped.

Integrating economics, demography, technology, and management case studies, Cortada demonstrates how work, workers, and management are really changing — and the fundamentals of business that haven't changed. Cortada shows how the Internet is really impacting the enterprise — and how to leverage it proactively, giving your supply chains new flexibility and power, without compromising processes that still work well.

Tomorrow's successful manager will go beyond keeping up with the latest "e-trends," applying the fundamentals of business management holistically, thoughtfully, and with a firm grip on reality, no matter what changes. For managers focused on what matters most, 21st Century Business offers sober, clearheaded guidance.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction: What Is the Information Age?
  4. 1. A New World Born: It Is More Than Just Technology
    1. Foremost an Age of Information Economics
    2. The Search for a New Value Proposition
    3. Globalization and Digitalization
    4. Political Realities
    5. Implications and Actions
    6. Endnotes
  5. 2. Waves of Learning, Waves of Best Practices
    1. Rise of the Competency-Based Enterprise
    2. How Knowledge Management Is Transforming Commerce
    3. Business in a Process-centric World
    4. Understanding How Waves of Change Work
    5. Implications and Actions
    6. Endnotes
  6. 3. Who are these Knowledge Workers?
    1. Introducing Familiar Roles and New Functions
    2. Where They Came From
    3. How Are Knowledge Workers Leveraged Today?
    4. Knowledge Management, Value Chains, and K-Strategies
    5. How Knowledge Management and e-Business Work Together
    6. Implications and Actions
    7. Endnotes
  7. 4. Changing Work: Role of the Internet
    1. The Issue of the Net
    2. What Makes the Internet Different
    3. Issues, Assumptions, and Questions
    4. A Sober View of the Future
    5. Implications for Success
    6. Endnotes
  8. 5. Digitizing Supply and Value Chains
    1. The Value of Viewing Everything as a Supply Chain
      1. In the area of cost savings:
      2. In the area of customer service:
      3. In the area of business growth:
    2. The Emerging New Value Chains
    3. Special Role of Communications and Computers
    4. Some Realities
    5. Endnotes
  9. 6. Choosing a Future for Your Company
    1. The Future of the Business Enterprise
    2. Making Trends Work for the Firm
    3. Nature of Management Practices
    4. Cyber Manager or Knowledgeable Leader?
    5. Nature of Measured Success
    6. An Issue of Leadership and Management
    7. Endnotes
  10. A. On Keeping Current: A Strategy and Some Useful Reading
    1. Some Great Reading