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21st Century Robot

Book Description

When companies develop a new technology, do they ask how it might affect the people who will actually use it? That, more or less, sums up Brian David Johnson’s duties as Intel’s futurist-in-residence. In this fascinating book, Johnson provides a collection of science fiction prototyping stories that attempt to answer the question.

Table of Contents

  1. Dedication
  2. The Making of a Manifesto
    1. A Manifesto Is Born
  3. 21st Century Robot Manifesto
    1. Imagined First
    2. Easy to Build
    3. Completely Open Source
    4. Intentionally Iterative
    5. Fiercely Social
    6. Filled with Humanity and Dreams
    7. Thinking for Her/Him/Itself
    8. Our Motto: “Every Robot Has a Name”
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. 1. He Builds Robots with His Mind
    1. A Robot Who Sees Angels
    2. “I’m Making Irrational Robots”
    3. The Creative Science Foundation Is Born
    4. He Fixes Radios by Thinking!
    5. Next: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Robot
  6. 2. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Robot
    1. Cockpit, Cargo Hauler Chen-Ming: 30 Hours to Reboot
    2. DeutchConn Fab 5, Rim of Aitkin Crater, Lunar Farside: 25 Hours to Reboot
    3. DeutchConn Fab 5, HCI Lab: 22 Hours to Reboot
    4. DeutchConn Fab 5, Load Dock: 19 Hours to Reboot
    5. DeutchConn Fab 5, HCI Lab: 10 Hours to Reboot
    6. DeutchConn Fab 5, Load Dock: 5 Hours to Reboot
    7. Cargo Hauler Chen-Ming: 1 Hour to Reboot
  7. 3. Design
    1. Robots in the Backyard
    2. From Paper to Plastic and Beyond
      1. Printing Jimmy
      2. Going Big
    3. Is Your Robot a Boy or a Girl or Neither?
    4. The Future of Robots Brought to You by Ms. Moore’s First-Grade Class
    5. Next: I_AM_Robot
  8. 4. I_AM_Robot
    1. Grande Lobb, Villa Marquis Station, Orbital Space Habitat Shiloh
    2. Edelman Guest Residence 3145, Villa Marquis Station
    3. Transition Tunnel and Shark Tank, Five Worlds Resort, Orbital Space Habitat Shiloh
    4. SodaPop Pools, CandyWorld, Five Worlds Resort
    5. Fairy Hotel, PrincessWorld, Five Worlds Resort
    6. Treasureful Jungle, PirateWorld, Five Worlds Resort
    7. Fairy Hotel, PrincessWorld, Five Worlds Resort
  9. 5. The Brain
    1. A Different Kind of Roboticist
    2. A Brain in Three Parts
    3. Robots That Make Bad Decisions
    4. A Robot with Multiple Personalities
    5. From AI to Apps
    6. Why Social Robots?
    7. From Theory to Code
      1. Action Primitives Layer
      2. Social Primitives Layer
      3. Character Layer
      4. APP Layer
    8. Please Play with the Code
    9. Next: The Machinery of Love and Grace
  10. 6. The Machinery of Love and Grace
    1. Falconbriar—2315: Engstrumm-Bracht Search-and-Rescue Ship
    2. Hussmann—12999: Engstrumm-Bracht Cargo Supply Unit
    3. New Lebanon Border Station—3899
    4. Centennial Station—8854: Engstrumm-Bracht Corporation Headquarters
    5. Sandsurf Spa, The Hotel Drexel
    6. New Lebanon Border Station—3899
    7. Falconbriar—2315: Engstrumm-Bracht Search-and-Rescue Ship
    8. Centennial Station—8854: Engstrumm-Bracht Corporation Headquarters
    9. Lobby of the Hotel Drexel
  11. 7. Body
    1. Robots Are Simple
    2. Four Unique Designs for Jimmy
      1. Jimmy with four motors
      2. Jimmy in Seven Motors
      3. Jimmy in 18 Motors
      4. Jimmy in 24 Motors
    3. What Was It Like?
    4. Building a Super Jimmy
    5. The First App
    6. Next: Murderous Little Pets
  12. 8. Murderous Little Pets
  13. 9. Build
    1. Cute Little Robots
    2. Jimmy 2.0: The Research Humanoid Robot
    3. HR-OS1: “The Jimmy Kit”
    4. What’s Next?
    5. Ducks, Dolls, and Robots
    6. A Dancing Hexapod
    7. A Robot That Rides Cats?
    8. NEXT: How to Build a Robot
  14. 10. How to Build a Robot
    1. Design
    2. Share
    3. Body
    4. The Building Blocks for Motion: Single and Double Servos
      1. The Feet and Legs
      2. Hips and Torso
      3. Arms
      4. Head and Neck
      5. Exoskeleton
      6. Printing
    5. Booting Up Your Robot
      1. Your Robot
      2. Your Robot’s Voice
    6. Getting Your Robot Working
      1. HELLO!
    7. Trouble! Problems!
    8. NEXT: Seven Billion Best Robots Ever!
  15. 11. Seven Billion Best Robots Ever
    1. How This Book Ends
    2. Now It’s Up to You
  16. A. How to Contact Us
    1. Safari® Books Online
  17. B. More Robots from Ms. Moore’s First Grade Class
  18. Index
  19. Colophon
  20. Copyright