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21st Century Skills for Non-Profit Managers

Book Description

Over the last 30 years nonprofit organizations have grown massively in capacity, scope, and authority across the world. With growing demand for services, there are numerous opportunities for nonprofits to respond innovatively and sustainably. Any experienced nonprofit manager knows the role is sometimes frustrating but always exhilarating, working with people and empowering them. Severe funding cuts make this more testing, but new prospects are appearing. If you are new to management or the sector, you need a book describing good practice to inform and guide you. Managing a small nonprofit, requires you to multitask, manage your time and prioritize tasks, while taking on extra responsibilities, you need new skills such as fundraising, all covered in this book. This book covers essential aspects (staffing, communications, charity governance, donations, corporate social responsibility, crowdfunding). With useful case studies, resources and links, it avoids jargon and intellectualizing. Topics include effective business planning, empowering staff and clients, writing successful fundraising applications and preparing government tenders for the U.S. and UK. Don used his experience as a nonprofit manager, volunteer, staffer, fundraiser, community fund overseer, trustee and consultant to make the book relevant, topical and helpful.