A comprehensive CP approach for the scheduling of resource-constrained multiproduct multistage batch plants

Franco M. Novaraa, Juan M. Novasb and Gabriela P. Henningb,    aFIQ,UNL, Santiago del Estero 2829, Santa Fe, 3000, Argentina, fra_novara@hotmail.com, bINTEC (UNL-CONICET), Guemes 3450, Santa Fe, 3000, Argentina, mnovas@intec.unl.edu.ar, ghenning@intec.unl.edu.ar


This work presents a novel, efficient and expressive Constraint Programming (CP) approach to the short-term scheduling problem of multistage batch plants. The CP model accounts for many features found in industrial settings and allows modeling operational policies that group batches of the same product into campaigns. Product campaigns simplify the plant operation and ...

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