An agent based model for the exploration and assessment of sulfur technology for upstream stranded gas fields

T. van der Leia, R. Boonstraa, J. Veltmanc, E. van Kintsb, P. Herdera and F. Geuzebroekb,    aDelft University of Technology, Jaffalaan 5, Delft 2628BX, The Netherlands, bShell Global Solutions, P.O.Box 38000, 1030 BN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, cShell Upstream International, P.O. Box 162, 2501 AN, The Hague,The Netherlands


Agent based models have successfully been applied for the petrochemical industry, e.g. for supply chain problems. In this paper we discuss the added value of agent based modeling for this industry from a design perspective. Specifically, we describe a first model intended to help with the conceptual design ...

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